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Babbs Shakir
Born in Tanzania, my early childhood was spent in relative poverty but I was surrounded by the wealth and richness of the natural world. This is where my interest in the human condition, affinity with nature and love of wildlife began. Babbs Art The seedlings for my art were sown, as I started to notice the sharp contrast between the beauty and the ugly in the world that surrounded me ...something within me stirred to create.

I am a British artist, I grew up in Cambridge, United Kingdom but have been fortunate to have traveled the world, and I have lived in Hong Kong, Canada, Dubai and I now reside in Costa Del Sol. My art, primarily is born of my experience, emotion, imagination, talent and experimentation; thus I have the luxury to concentrate on the overall impact and meaning of every piece. There is true satisfaction in creating art which imparts expression, ignites awareness and kisses the inner being. I aspire to produce powerful paintings that are visually engaging, expressive and intuitive. Babbs Art Through my journey, exposure and observations, I have developed keen awareness and appreciation of the world, her peoples and cultures, and with art I explore the different realms of the human condition; the sharp contrast between hope and despair, love and hate, life and death.

Art is greater than aesthetics alone, I see art in terms of emotion, I believe the creative process has at it's core a contemplative and spiritual nature. More than just a painting, each artwork is a portal into the world of my perception and a journey to better understanding. There is an indulgence in creating art that conveys mood, elicits emotion and touches the human spirit. My goal is to create art that is compelling, multifarious and energizing, with dynamic composition and abundance of colour and texture. I aspire to produce paintings that are visually engaging, intuitive and emotionally expressive.
Babbs Art
I produce original art and work predominantly in acrylic paints and inks, as this medium affords me the flexibility to produce artworks in the oil painting style, watercolour style and a myriad of techniques in between. I also enjoy working with water soluble mediums, graphite pencils, pastel and oil colours.

With Abstract, Monochrome and Surreal paintings, I explore the essence of the human condition. My inspiration comes from love and desire the human heart searches for, hope and success we strive for, and tragedy and failure that surrounds us. In the Floral and Landscape paintings, I am often not trying to accurately depict but rather, attempting to capture the beauty, uniqueness and ambiance of the subject. Babbs Art It is not a matter of rendering meticulously but to express desire, reflect spiritual hunger and portray peaceful co-existence. In Portrait paintings, I seek to capture more than likeness of the sitter, I am looking to immortalize the intangibles such as individuality, essence and spirit of the sitter. My subject matter also includes the occasional visual explosion of Still Life, that puts everyday, mundane objects in an innovative and idealistic light.

In my future endeavours, amongst other things, I shall further explore the effulgent splendor of water and light, from the energy of crashing waves and waterfalls, to the serenity of still waters in the lakes and lagoons.

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