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Original contemporary art, encompassing divergent styles, compositions and themes. Paintings ranging from Abstract, Still Life, Monochrome, Landscape, Floral and more. Original Poetry written from the heart, full of passion and emotions.

Babbs Art "With art, I delve into the essence of the world around me and explore the different realms of the human psyche; the sharp contrasts between hope and despair, love and hate, life and death. I strive to deliver more than just a piece of art, each painting is a portal into the world of my perception, a journey to better understanding. My art is born primarily from my emotions, experiences and imagination, thus I have the luxury to concentrate on the overall impact and meaning of the piece. There is an indulgence in creating art that conveys mood, elicits emotion and touches the human spirit. I believe the creative process has at it's core a contemplative, almost spiritual nature, and it can never truly be mastered, there will always be new discoveries to grasp, new encounters to be had and new creations to be made. I aspire to create art that is compelling, multifarious and energizing, with dynamic composition and an abundance of colour and texture."

Babbs Art Babbs Art

Lascivious Venom

Love is a delirium
insanity infecting the mind

Pyrexia inferno aflame
temporal existence asphyxia

Eyes unveil lust aglow
electric kisses flesh burn

Miasmic ecstasy violate
lawless euphoria enslave

Doomed oblivion expedient
lascivious venom malefic

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