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Fire flight

You are my friend, my lover, my art
You are the keeper of my heart

We ride wings of primal passion
We soar heights of eternal sands

Our drumbeat echo through time itself
Our fire flight illuminate cosmic space

Copyright © 2013 Babbs Shakir

Love Is A Delirium

Insanity infecting the mind
passion afflicted heart

Pyrexia inferno aflame
temporal existence asphyxia

Eyes unveil lust aglow
electric kisses flesh burn

Miasmic ecstasy violate
lawless euphoria enslave

Doomed oblivion expedient
lascivious venom malefic

Copyright © 2013 Babbs Shakir

Euphonic Harmony

Love burns in my heart
feeds my soul with delight

Love is the air that I breath
her song sings upon my lips

Loves light flickers in my eyes
smouldering passion within ignite

Loves decree is all that I hear
calling her euphonic harmony

Copyright © 2011 Babbs Shakir

Allegiance Obsolete

Lifetime of faith violated
obliterated at your will
You twist the facts to suit, to fit
seeking absolution for something within
With dialogue, events and ties defaced
you validate enforce what you crave

Acidic antipathy weald your fiery sword
wrapped in a cloak of righteousness
Affirmation acquired from entranced solacers
some have agenda all their own
Exact revenge for what it be worth
know it will never bring you true love

Allegiance obsolete cannot resurrect
damage inflicted expunge negate
What then we shared now is slung
distorted accusations is all to remain
Life we knew now lost adrift
with death of trust and loyalty

Copyright © 2010 Babbs Shakir

Unholy Rival

His confidence betrayed
throughout his life
Your lies and deceit
executed without flaws
They sneered, judged and labelled him
taunted without a care
Revelling in his torment
hatred born of lies

Though he lives no more
still you forge on
Your rivalry knows no bounds
betrayal gains ground
You air his private being
gnarled to suit the purpose
Glide on wings of depravity
basking in the glory

With perception distorted
you spread the poison wide
Justify and rationalize
to all who may attend
Their stance impotent, unfit
to discern nor decree
You soar in your triumph
for now you win

Copyright © 2010 Babbs Shakir

Blissful Death

Descending into darkness
Quiet calm embraces my soul
Serenity of mind utopian
Loving warmth enfolds
Peace overwhelming
As life's light flickers out

Copyright © 2007 Babbs Shakir


Your pain I see in your eyes
pain that you can never excise
You say she helps you cope with it
quiets the demons in your mind
I am no expert to deny
unable to reside in your head

Though at times you say and do
under her influence things hurtful
I accept you and your need to be
wish you nothing but joy you can
Peace that comes with your reach
of your mistress, by your side she be

Copyright © 2006 Babbs Shakir


Experience emotion life breath I devour
Art my desire creativity the master

Artist a contradiction perfect imperfection
Free thinker natures child a bit of a rebel

Dance upon clouds a dream hearts entwined enlaced
Inspire intrigue and soar the realms

Copyright © 2007 Babbs Shakir

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