Babbs Shakir Art

Babbs Shakir

In loving memory of my beloved son
27 March 1985 - 22 December 2004

He died suddenly and unexpectedly at 19 years
of age. He was a gentle soul with kindness unique
and humanity outstanding. He was an enlightened
intellectual with philosophical disposition
beyond his years.


World Stood Still

22 December 2004
the day my world fell apart
for this fateful day, was the day
the day my precious son died

Infinitely impaired
never to be the same
my days dulled with despair
my life paled with pain

Things I had done
things I wanted to do
my son was a focus
he was a big part of it

Without him the future
it seems so very bleak
without him my life
shall never be the same

I will not laugh
as I once had
life will not feel
quite so fulfilled

Tell me how
how do I carry on
Tell me how
how do I get over this

Copyright © Jan 2005 Babbs Shakir


Saleem your name rings in my head
day and night won't seem to fade

All the time I see your smiling face
shadows of you everywhere I look

Losing you so soon my heart is broke in two
relentlessly bleeding never to heal

Endless sorrow sadness too deep
embraces my being devours me

Even in my nightmares never did I envision
this emptiness inside anguish I would feel

My world annihilated reality hard to bare
my soul afflicted imbued in despair

Copyright © Feb 2005 Babbs Shakir

Sudden Death

My dearest son, my handsome young man
how can you be dead?
That somber day, the day you died
shall be ever etched in my head

Standing over your lifeless body
chilled to the bone in deep dismay
I will you to move, to open your eyes
I need you to smile and say "it's only a joke"

I beg, I plead, please don't be dead
all effort in absolute vain
I sob inconsolably
I cannot comfort my soul

Words can never capture the pain
I feel inside my heart
My spirit crushed in eternal torment
I cannot believe my eyes

"How can this be", I weep
"Why Oh Why", I scream

Copyright © Mar 2005 Babbs Shakir

Miss You

Our darling son, why did you die
I cannot comprehend it
since your death, the house feels so quiet
no gleeful joyous laughter

I miss your smile and exuberance
reflections never ending
moments we shared, moments we should
with you right here beside

Time in your absence lasts eternally
it seems to be standing still
not a day goes by I don't think of you
you are in my incessant thoughts

I sit here in silence broken hearted
life now changed never to be the same
Hopes and dreams lost to the wind
grief overwhelming

Copyright © Apr 2005 Babbs Shakir

Never Die

There is nothing I would not give
to have you right here with me
Never in any terror-stricken nightmare
did I ever think you would leave
Some time has lapsed since you died
my anguished heart astounded
Want not to accept what has passed
though I have no other choices

Precious young son of mine
your exit has been far too soon
There really was so much more
that you still had left to do
In every minute of every day
you are in my endless thoughts
Memories of nineteen years we shared
I will cherish forever more

Loss of you engulfs my soul
life's light forever dampened
My desolation and despondency
will endure to my own extinction
Your memory shall eternally linger
in the corners of my mind
There, you will never die
There, you will be alive

Copyright © May 2005 Babbs Shakir


Miss your presence day and night
Your laughter so contagious

Since your death I feel dejected
Odious emotions devour me and
Nothing I do undoes the pain

Sadness tears and emptiness
All the time engulf me
Loss of you cuts too deep
Every breath intense and piercing
Even in my dreams I see
My life forever tainted

Copyright © Jun 2005 Babbs Shakir

Subtle Cracks

I am a mother who has lost her son
He fell asleep to awaken no more
Peaceful and quiet in eternal slumber
Passive here after never to utter

My pride, my joy, my treasure, my boy
Though a young man, to me my child
Nineteen years nurtured and protected
To lose you now is unjust and defective

Overwhelming heartache punctured to the core
Unclaimed dreams nothing to be the same
Inconceivable sorrow here to stay
Immeasurable tragedy arduous to the end

My contentment shattered into a thousand shards
They say time heals, can put the pieces back
Still - there will remain subtle cracks of grief and pain
Still - there remains subtle cracks of grief

Copyright © Jul 2005 Babbs Shakir

Deeply Broken Hearted

Deeply broken hearted I know not what to do
since your sudden death my heart is torn in two

Eternal sorrow engulfs my very being
unrelenting sadness I am stricken by your demise

Endlessly grieving hear my silent cries
immensity of anguish penetrates all else in life

Pain of losing you consumes my everyday
each minute such a strain I am drowning in the agony

Loneliness I now feel eats away at me
though surrounded by people they are just not what I need

Your captivating charm philosophical loving nature
passion for life exuberance and smile

Bewildered and dismayed by shock of your early death
one moment you were here and the next you were not

Ravaged to the core disparaged and dejected
nothing I try to do can ease the agony

Overwhelming despair at life unjust
how can this have happened, how can it even be true

Kind young man like you deserves the best in life
only 19 years of age you should be living it up

Everything to live for you were at the start of it
so much you had not done yet experiences still to be had

Nothing will ever validate no one can make this right
how can I accept it can anyone please tell me that

Haunted by thoughts of you and your ever-present absence
life we once shared can never be re-captured

Enduring memories of you accompany me where I go
hard to believe you are gone but the brutal fact remains

Aspirations hopes and dreams now damaged and destroyed
I try to focus on so many things but nothing will ever realize

Restlessness plagues my existence my mind in perpetual turmoil
sadness etched across my face sorrow runs through my veins

Tortured and tormented ebullient no more
whatever I may try to do I am fractured through and through

Embrace you one last time what I would I not give
to share with you a dialogue I would move heaven and earth

Deeply broken hearted darkness befalls my soul
deeply broken hearted I mourn for your loss

Copyright © Aug 2005 Babbs Shakir

Tears Of Pain

My soul may shed tears of pain
with grief never ending
but I will smile with jubilant blithe
for the times we shared together

My heart may feel empty as a shell
with the void of your departure
but I will be happy for the future
for we had nineteen beautiful years

My mind may linger on your death
with loss of you all consuming
but I will cherish memories of you
for they shall accompany me

My life may feel meaningless at times
with you not here to share it
But I will live each day to the full
for that is how you would want it

Copyright © Sept 2005 Babbs Shakir

I Shall

With every waking moment
With every breath I take
I shall think of you

All that you once did
All that you once said
I shall enunciate

Times we shared together
Times of fun and laughter
I shall venerate

Your cheerful buoyant spirit
Your warm and tender nature
I shall always miss

Visions of you my son
Visions of your sweet smile
I shall ever see

Death's arrival unexpected
Death's delivery expeditious
I shall not discern

Sadness grief and pain
Sorrow hereafter
I shall endure

My damaged heart incurable
My altered life unchanging
I shall have to live

Copyright © Oct 2005 Babbs Shakir


It's nearly a year since your death
hard to believe time has turned
thought we would never survive
days insane with grief and pain
but somehow we find a way
we really don't have a say

Why did this nefarious twist of fate
tear our family apart like this
thought nothing bad could ever befall us
so strong, happy and healthy we were
how we took it all for granted
never perceived we could be parted

There are no answers to satisfy
nor understandings to gratify
it all feels terribly wrong
our hearts crushed by the pain
only one certainty remains
we shall ever suffer the loss

Copyright © Nov 2005 Babbs Shakir


Goodbye my son
Goodbye dear child

Your death has changed all that I am
I see you no more except in my mind
we speak no more but you reside in my heart

Goodbye my son
Goodbye dear child

I bleed within for I miss you so much
you gave me strength to get through the day
your love was the light that lit up my way

Goodbye my son
Goodbye dear child

Our understanding was more than most would expect
we shared a peace a friendship unique
our thoughts entwined feelings the same

Goodbye my son
Goodbye dear child

Your smile was like sunlight in rain
your vitality and wisdom lifted my soul
without your presence all is lackluster

Goodbye my son
Goodbye dear child

However much may change my love for you remains
one we were and always will be
for you have shaped the ONE I am within

Goodbye my son
Goodbye my child

Copyright © Dec 2005 Babbs Shakir


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